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Young boys fucking

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Related article: Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 07:15:07 -0500 From: Michael Brow Subject: Chuck - Casey and Grimes - Chapter 2 and revised Ch.1No copyright infringement intended, just a fun story I wrote about the tv show chuck... Whether or not my character portrayal is accurate, these stories are intended for adults (or curious teens)... if you don't like men having sex... why the hell are you on Nifty and do us a favor and go away... seriously. If you have comments please send they will be welcome. If you want specific pairings, I'll think about it. Please leave positive and negative feedback so I know whether or not to hang up my computer. Again no money is being made so no copyright infringement is being done. This story is fiction and is young art naked not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Publishing companies include : College Hill Pictures, Fake Empire, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Bros. Television. Thanks for reading and enjoy!If you forgot what happened last time...Morgan started to shake again. Oh well I was going to die someday anyway. Morgan summoned up all of his courage, and strength, and leaned forward and young crazy preeteens kissed Casey on the lips. The effect was electric and immediate. Morgan felt his cock start to get young petite xxx hard in his pants and felt a bead of sweat run down his neck. Casey leaped back breaking the kiss and immediately pulled out his gun, pointing it directly at Morgan."What the HELL WAS THAT!?" He nearly yelled.Morgan just said nothing and started off into space, still experiencing the kiss. He looked at Casey and his eyes went wide with alarm."Shit... Casey I didn't mean to... oh god, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!" He was holding his head in his hands and sobbing. "I'm so... sorry..."But his words fell upon an empty room because Casey had just sprinted out the doorway.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Morgan had been in a state of depression since his return from the KGB mission. Even though the mission was a success Chuck noticed that Morgan was oddly quiet. When chuck woke up one morning to the sound of Morgan sobbing down the hallway in their appartment, Chuck knew that they needed to talk."Morgan? What's the matter? You've been so upset the last few days that even Awesome wants to do an intervention. Did you falll in love with Alice from the new Resident Evil game?" Chuck joked."No it's worse than that." Morgan's body was shaking and he was breathing hard and fast."Morgan... you are and have always been my best friend. We tell each other everything. Is there something going on at the BuyMore? Is it a girl?" He had never seen Morgan this upset and was seriously considering if Morgan was coming unglued from the spywork."N-n-n-no. Not a girl..." Morgan started to cry even harder at this point and chuck knew that he was missing something. This was Morgan, what was going on?"Buddy. No matter what it is, you can tell me what the problem is. I'll do anything in my power to help." Chuck promised."It's John!" Morgan said, he had stopped making noise but tears were still gliding down his cheeks."What about him? Did he hurt you?" Said Chuck, eyebrows raised."No... he saved my life on my mission. I owe him my life." Said Morgan with emotion. "And I... I... I think I'm... in love with him." His voice had diminished quickly as he said the last words.Chuck was taken aback. what did he just say? He was in love with John Casey, the biggest iceberg on the planet, apart from General young blonde girl Beckman. Chuck looked around, quite sure that this was a joke and Sarah and Casey would come out of the woodwork just to see how the news had affected Chuck. When no one came, Chuck looked at young teen nonnude Morgan and said,"Why didn't you tell me that you felt this way?" Chuck was stupified.Morgan looked up at Chuck, whose face was perplexed, he responded by telling him about how he was near death while on the mission and how he had been denying his feelings because he was afraid that Chuck and the others would reject him."It's not as if I have many friends. I was afraid of losing you Chuck, you're the older brother I never had and I desperately needed to find someone who would understand my weirdness.""Well then," Chuck youngest kidz fucking said, he was at a loss for words, "You're still my little brother. I still love you." Then Chuck gently grabbed Morgan's arm, which was still quite bruised from the torturing incident, and pulled Morgan into a hug.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Meanwhile in Castle..."I've never seen you be more heartless Casey! What the HELL is going on with you?" Sarah watched as Casey exited an interrigation room that held some of the Russian KGB members that were captured during the raid on the building. "The general is threatening to suspend you if you don't get your temper under control. Casey? Are you even listening!?"Casey very young amateurs just grunted and kept walking."Casey! I'm not kidding" Sarah Walker grabbed his shoulder and spun Casey around. "This is serious! What happened to you? You youngest kidz fucking used to be calm and collected."Casey just ignored her and turned back to going to the main area in Castle. He entered data into the computer just as General Beckman's scowling face came onto the main scree."Colonel Casey! You are dangerously close to violating multiple provisions in the Geneva Convention. This behavior will not be tolerated any longer, either stop your behavior or I will relieve you of your duties until you are in a better mental state to return to Castle. Is that understood?" Her voice was serious.Casey looked at Sarah then the General,"Permission to have a private conference with young art naked you General?""Granted on the grounds that you inform me exactly why you are using brute force upon the prisonners in Castle. Agent Walker you are dismissed." The General and Casey watched Sarah walk upstairs and the General turned back to Casey. lol young teen "Now, John. What the hell are you doing?""The KGB tortured Grimes, as you know. They used non-approved methods of torture to try to obtain CIA and NSA information. They broke the Geneva Convention! The have information on the whereabouts of the last of the Ring operatives and I believe I can... extract this information from them. I just need more time to, convince them." His voice got very low and his expression, menacing. "I will do whatever it takes to retrieve this intel."The General sighed and turned off the monitor, he's not going to listen to orders this time. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Morgan and Chuck had talked for a few hours and Chuck finally convinced Morgan to talk to Casey, even though Morgan thought that Casey was going to kill him. Chuck arranged for Casey to meet "chuck" in Castle to discuss their next mission. This area would have the video surveillance shut down for two hours, unbeknownst to Casey, who would only see a video loop in the room. Chuck then told Morgan to meet up there and replace Chuck. The plan was to have the two talk about what had happened in the hospital.They set up the plan and Morgan waited inside the room, his heart racing in his chest.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Casey showed up to the room early and walked inside waiting for Chuck. He sat down behind the table in the center of the room young pervert and youngest tits waited.In the main area of Castle...Chuck was distracting Sarah and had set up the video loop on the surveillance monitors. He gave Morgan the thumbs up and took Sarah in the hand, leading them out of Castle. Morgan was breathing hard, he youngest teen portal knew he had to talk to Casey just to clear the air. He briskly walked down the corridor leading to the room where Casey was waiting. Chuck had put a one way lockdown on all underground young slut of the doors in Castle and had only given Morgan the key. Morgan pressed the button on the door and it quickly slid open. He then walked in and the door shut behind him just as quickly as it had opened. Casey had not looked up from his papers yet and said,"What did you want to talk about Bartowski?" He then glanced up and his expression changed. "What do you want?" His voice was deep and gruff. He was trying to hide how he felt behind his angry expression.Morgan's pulse was racing. Now... do it NOW! He steeled himself and said,"I wanted to talk to you about what happened in the hospital." His voice was level but he was still frightened by Casey's expression."Nothing happened in the hospital." He voice was rigid and he looked back at his papers."Yes something did happen. I wanted to tell underground young slut you that when I was in that KGB torture room and I saw you, I realized my feelings for you were deeper than a student and his teacher. I was... am... in love with you." He quickened his pace, "I heard what you said just as I was falling into unconsciousness. You called me Morgan and you actually cared about what was happening to me. I wanted to let you know and I wanted to ask you something.""What?" Casey felt slightly off-balance, Grimes wasn't supposed to hear that Damn it!"Is there any part of you that cares for me? Not as a spy, as a... friend." Morgan moved closer to Casey and sat next to him.Their eyes locked and Morgan felt a stirring of heat in his pants. He looked away from Casey and put his hands on the table. Casey got up and walked towards the door."I don't have time for this Grimes... I need to get more information from the KGB members." He tried the door. "What's wrong with the door?" Just as he was turing back to Morgan for an explanation he felt soft lips meet his own young teen coed and felt the short body of Morgan Grimes wrap around his body."What do you think you're doing boy?" He said once the kiss was broken.Morgan was shaking from the contact. His whole youngest teen portal body felt alive, every cell was vibrating from the contact with John Casey. He looked up at Casey through tear filled eyes and said,"I had to do that one last time before you decided to kill me. I'm ready now." He was completely submissive and nearly collapsed into Caseys arms. Morgan looked at Casey who was watching Morgan."I'm not going to kill you Grimes." He said in a harsh voice. Then Casey picked up Morgan young puffy in his well-muscled arms and lifted him off the ground. Morgan wasn't sure what was happening and he then saw that he was eye level with Casey young topless girls and the two looked into each other's eyes for a minute. Finally, Casey gently pulled Morgan in to his chest and kissed him on the lips. Morgan at this point couldn't control himself anymore and he began to voraciously kiss John Casey. Just in case this is a dream I want to make sure that I get as far as I can before I someone gives me a wake-up call. Morgan put his hands on Casey's back and gasped,"God, you've got amazing muscles." He was breathless, partly from the kissing and partly from his exploration of Casey's body. He's absolutely perfect. Morgan felt his dick come to full attention young love sex and it began to rub against the fabric of young grils his pants.Casey then stopped and said, "cameras." Morgan replied, "Disabled." Casey grunted and began to run his hands over Morgan who was gently moaning in pleasure. Casey pulled of Morgan's shirt and grimaced at what he saw. Morgan's chest was covered in bruises, cuts and a large cast for his broken ribs. Casey held Morgan younger girl porn in his arms and said,"You have never looked more amazing. When I found out what they put you through and how you didn't say anything. I knew you were special Grimes... Morgan." Casey pulled in Morgan for another kiss. This kiss lasted so long both John and Morgan were panting for a few seconds afterward.Casey started moving his kissing slowly downward. His lips met Morgan's neck and Morgan shuddered and moaned loudly. I think we've found a sweet spot here, Casey thought. He continued to kiss Morgan's neck and then began to mark Morgan. Morgan was so close to coming and felt that if Casey kept going he was going to fly off the handle. He gently put his hands on Casey and moved his hands down to Casey belt. He quickly removed the belt and was about to unzip John's pants when Casey pinched his nipple and kissed exactly the right spot on his neck. Morgan shook from the orgasm that was building in his pants. He was trying to stop John, but John kept going. As he felt the wave of pleasure envelop him, Morgan felt like he had no control over his body. It was the most intense orgasm he had ever felt and Morgan bit down on Casey's shoulder to keep from passing out from the absolute bliss that was possessing him."I'm so sorry John, I couldn't hold on any longer..." Morgan was sure that Casey was going to laugh at him and then leave him with his cum-soaked pants in the room in Castle."I know Morgan... I wanted you to come. I wanted to let you know that I would still be here no matter who comes first." Casey said with his eyes showing a kindness that Morgan had never seen before."I love you John Casey." Morgan's voice broke and his eyes watered up. He tried to look away as the tears came silently streaming down his face. Casey saw this and pulled Morgan into his chest. He growled gently and began to gently rub Morgan on the head."It'll be alright Morgan. I'm here and no one will ever hurt you again."Morgan's tears finally subsided and he said,"Why did you choose me? I always thought you didn't like me..." Morgan's voice was soft, yet filled with emotion."There was just something about you..." Casey nude young illegal began to kiss Morgan's lips again and Morgan felt his erection begin to return.Morgan made the first move this time, he grabbed Casey by the waist and pulled John towards himself. Morgan then put his hand on John's pant's zipper, where he felt Casey's massive cock struggling petite young nude to get loose. Morgan slowly unzipped Casey's pants and gently put his hands on Casey's boxers. Casey's breath caught in his throat and he began to growl in nude young illegal a low tone. Morgan took this as the go ahead and very young girls gently opened Casey's boxers to reveal a 7" cock that was pulsing in Morgan's hand. Casey sucked in a sharp breath and his hips thrust forward involuntarily. Morgan started to move his hands up and down Casey's cock and soon, Casey felt an orgasm building in his stomach."Wait Morgan, I want to... be inside you. Is that okay?" Morgan looked at John with a slightly scared expression and Casey said, "You'll enjoy it I promise. I promise I won't ask again if you don't like it."Morgan nodded and gently sat down on the table. Casey reached into his jacket, which was on the chair, and pulled out some lube. He began loosening up Morgan's hole. Morgan was in pure extasy and was twisting and squirming as Casey inserted a finger and then another. Finally, John looked at Morgan and said,"Are you ready? young crazy preeteens We'll go really slow."He gently pushed on Morgan's hole and felt it give. He slowly pushed into Morgan's heat and felt the pressure on his cock build to incredible levels. Morgan stopped breathing and looked frozen. Casey looked at Morgan and slowly put his hand on Morgan's neck. Morgan gasped in some air and slowly started to breathe regularly again. Morgan's expression was that of complete transcendence and he slowly tried to sit up with Casey still inside of him. Casey grabbed Morgan's back and pulled the two together. The two began to kiss and Casey slid the rest of the way into Morgan's tight ass. Casey was close, so Morgan and John spent a few minutes cooling off by kissing each other and having their hands roam over the other's body. After a few minutes, Casey began to slowly rock Morgan back and forth on his cock. Morgan gasped each time Casey slid nearly out of Morgan, then back into him, each time Casey's cock would rub against Morgan's prostate. Morgan felt like he was being shocked by a million volts of electricity, every place Casey touched left Morgan skin feeling hot and tingly.Casey was close and he knew that he couldn't hold on much longer. He grunted and groaned as he felt Morgan's tight ass contract on young teen coed his dick. He leaned forward and whispered into Morgan's ear,"Come for me Morgan... Come for me." His voice was soft and tender, "I love you Morgan Grimes."Morgan felt something change in him and he instantly clenched his ass as tightly as he could. Casey said "oh fuuuccckkk!" and Morgan sensed Casey's cock as it began to orgasm. Casey pushed one more time into Morgan, hitting Morgan's prostate, and then came inside of Morgan. Morgan then, rather unexpectedly, came. He shot his load onto Casey's well defined chest and then Morgan grabbed Casey by the neck and pulled him in for a hug. The two men stayed where they were for over five minutes, still experiencing the amazing rush from the orgasms."What now?" Morgan said, looking at Casey.Well... what would you like to happen next? I received a few emails for possible pairings. Thanks for the feedback! This was my first "erotic scene..." uh... ever. So... once again, send me comments! I love 'em. I might be doing some Casey/Chuck chapters/scenes. Just let me know. The timeline is fluid so if you want a scene with someone who is dead in the series. (ex. Larkin, etc.,) just let me know and I can work it out for you. Thanks again to my readers. (If you see any ummm... mistakes just send them to me in quotes and I'll try to fix them)
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